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BS Hacker - Replay Unlimited

Download BS Hacker - Replay Unlimited


Genre: Adventure

File Size: 56 MB

Publisher: exoSyphen

Date Posted: Feb/27/2006

Min Requirements:

OS: WinXp/Win2k/Win9x

CPU: 500 MHz


GFX: 16 MB 3D Vid Card


Game Information:

The greatest hacking adventure game returns with new exciting levels and features! You enter the underground world and play the role of a hacker, working on his own or against the system that aims to control everything. The game features a complex console based interface, which closely resembles modern operating systems and computers, but manages to keep the feeling of a hacker environment. This is not all! With complex modding capabilites, you can always go ahead and create new levels and missions, modify existing ones, or play those that were created by our enthusiast community. BS Hacker - Replay Unlimited contains 23 levels divided into 5 episodes, each one bringing a unique adventure, for you to play

The Journey: Try and completely erase your past, and build a new identity, from the ground up.

The Fallen: Pursue and track down a fallen hacker.

Brian Spencer's Challenge: Work for the NSA in an attempt to stop a nuclear attack.

Replay: In a future decay, where the Internet is no longer a free resource, try and build up a new alternative network.

Zero Expansions: When your daily job is no longer what it seems to be... try and get out, in one piece.

Modding Capability: Allows the creation of custom levels (level editor included).

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