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Genre: Action

File Size: 700 MB

Publisher: Atari

Date Posted: Apr/4/2005

Min Requirements:

OS: WinXp/Win2k/Win9x

CPU: 1.0 GHz


GFX: 32 MB 3D Vid Card


Game Information:

Hit the streets for a Hollywood-style crime saga of unparalleled realism. You are Tanner, A.K.A. The Wheelman, an undercover cop with no rules and no fear. You and your partner must stop a ruthless, heavily armed car theft syndicate thatís planning the global heist of a lifetime.

Control and demolish over 70 vehicles, from muscle cars to speedboats, all with the most sophisticated handling ever created. Get the job done in fierce street shootouts thatíll get you back behind the wheel and closer to danger. Avoid the cops and stay alive in this wide-open action thriller from the makers of the groundbreaking Driver series.

-A blockbuster combo of driving, shooting and wide-open roaming
-"The Hit," a mission found only on DRIV3R's PC release
-Over 60 drivable vehicles, including motorcycles, boats, police cars, vans,
mopeds, muscle cars and 18-wheelers, all remarkably lifelike and fully
-Three enormous true-to-life cities -- Miami, Nice and Istanbul Ė- all designed
with stunning, photorealistic detail
-Hundreds of miles of major highways, and dozens of miles of roads, narrow
back alleys and exciting waterways
-Superstar Hollywood voice talent: Michael Madsen, Ving Rhames, Mickey
Rourke, and Michelle Rodriguez
-An unmatched physics/driving engine, producing vehicle handling and
destruction of unbelievable accuracy
-Nearly an hour of dramatic CGI video footage to deepen the storyline and
heighten player participation in the gameís secretive, seedy underworld
-Multiple paths to completion for many missions and objectives; the ultimate
freedom of choice
-Film Director Mode: one of the DRIVER brand's most popular aspects --
gamers can record the action using multiple camera views, and edit original
chase sequences which can be played back and stored

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