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Faces of War

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Genre: Action

File Size: 334 MB

Publisher: Ubi Soft

Date Posted: Jul/21/2006

Min Requirements:

OS: WinXp/Win2k/Win9x

CPU: 1.5 GHz


GFX: 64 MB 3D Vid Card


Game Information:

Faces of War combines real-time strategy with advanced tactics and the ability to control a single unit in battle. This game is being developed by the same team that created the original title, Soldiers: Heroes of World War II.

Faces of War immerses players right in the heat of WWII action. The game includes all the highlights of the original and provides even better physics and unit models, complex team AI and new tactical opportunities. New unit commands such as move to cover and charge position help team survival while new personal moves like climbing over fences and aimed-shots keep individual soldiers fighting.

Four new campaigns give players an opportunity to command American, English, Soviet and German troops during world-renowned battles that include D-Day and the storming of Berlin. On top of all that players will also have a chance to fight through new winter missions that give them a whole new experience.

Faces of War demonstrates a completely new level of AI that allows players to gain full control of units on one hand and to concentrate on more strategic aspects on the other. AI controlled soldiers don’t simply execute any order given by a player, they think how to do it the most efficient and safe way. From now on all human units in the game possess a new characteristic – morale, which is influenced by many in-game events.

The biggest addition though is an improved game engine with a shocking level of in-game physics and increased level of detail.

A completely new level of detail and in-game physics

Complex AI system that allows soldiers to fight on their own even without player’s interference

New types of enemy squad behavior

Free camera and enhanced special effects

New multiplayer opportunities: modes and maps

New direct control options including climbing and sniping

New units including flame-throwers, amphibious vehicles and more

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