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Future Cop: LAPD

Download Future Cop: LAPD


Genre: Action

File Size: 22 MB

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Date Posted: Feb/18/2005

Min Requirements:

OS: Win9x

CPU: 500 MHz


GFX: 32 MB 3D Vid Card


Game Information:

In the 22nd century, criminals have taken over the streets of Los Angeles. You take control of a giant robot, armed to the hilt, and try to clean up the streets. Battle through eight levels of action using flamethrowers, plasma bursts, mini-shockwave mortars, and many other weapons. For those who like strategy games, play the Precinct Assault mode, a capture the flag-type game. Load FUTURE COP: LAPD, and take a bite out of crime.

This powerfully equipped walking vehicle can be transformed into a fast hovercraft-like machine in certain situations. You've got 15 different weapons at your disposal, each with two different types of power-ups and its own special effects.

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