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Giants: Citizen Kabuto Mac

Download Giants: Citizen Kabuto Mac


Genre: Action

File Size: 101 MB

Publisher: MacPlay

Date Posted: Sep/26/2005

Min Requirements:


CPU: 500 MHz


GFX: 16 MB 3D Vid Card


Game Information:

Combining RTS elements like base building and resource management. Giants requires strategic thinking to exploit the enemies weaknesses and manipulate your opponents against one another for control. Play as one of three incredibly unique races, the Sea Reapers, the Meccaryns, or the mighty Kabuto, but the addition of indigenous creatures called the Smarties adds to the fun. Battle on over 25 unique islands. The player must be quick witted to prove his dominance by burning, drowning, kidnapping, eating, and crushing his enemies for absolute power. Choose a favorite species or divide up teams for cooperative play and let the frenzied battle begin. Manipulate the landscape. Use the 3D rendered terrain as part of your battle strategy when you create attacking offspring as Kabuto, call out a destructive Tornado as a Sea Reaper, or camouflage yourself as part of the landscape for surprise attacks as a Meccaryn. Combines action and strategy elements. You choose to control one of three main races on an island and try to conquer it. There are 25 story-driven missions that feature amusing cut scenes and different objectives, depending on which race you choose. Multi-player modes include the ever-popular Capture the Flag and Death Match.


•Choose one of three races to battle across twenty-five islands rendered in full 3D, all beautifully detailed unlike any game environment you've ever

•Manipulate the native Smarties to construct a bigger base, provide better weapons, create more powerful spells or just use them as a source of power-ups.

•Hours and hours of pulse-pounding, story-driven single-player campaign, complete with outrageous cut-scenes.

•Multiplayer Mayhem! Choose your favorite species or divide into teams for cooperative play. Battle up to 10 players over LAN or the Internet via TCP/IP.

•Battle from 1st or 3rd person perspective in addition to the revolutionary "Kabuto Mouth-Cam" and "Foot Stomp/Crunch" view.

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