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Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus

Download Ground Control 2: Operation Exodus


Genre: Strategy

File Size: 187 MB

Publisher: Vivendi-Universal

Date Posted: May/27/2004

Min Requirements:

OS: WinXp/Win2k/Win9x

CPU: 1.0 GHz


GFX: 32 MB 3D Vid Card


Game Information:

Ground Control II is a real-time tactics (RTT) game set in a dark and grim
future. With a focus on tactics and intense action, the player is challenged to
effectively control soldiers on the battlefield. The game features a full 3D
battlefield; where high ground improves accuracy and view range, and forests
and vegetation allows units to move stealthy and undetected. Weather and
other environmental effects change the unit's performances on the battlefield.

Taking the role of Captain Jacob Angelus the player will command armies
belonging to either the hard-pressed Northern Star Alliance or the reclusive and
shapeshifting Viron Nomads. The two very distinct factions have a full arsenal of
units consisting of infantry, tanks, support and air. A well-balanced strike force
and knowledge about its strengths and weaknesses is crucial to mission

The story begins in A.D. 2741 on a distant planet called Morningstar Prime, a
world initially colonized during the 24th century by Crayven Corporation from
Earth. Morningstar Prime is but one of hundred planets discovered during
mankinds reemergence from the Third World War. Morningstar Prime
resembles Earth in many ways, it features indigenous life forms and a similar
but still different flora and fauna.

The Great War with the Terran Empire has forced the originally democratic
twelve city-states of Morningstar Prime to unite under one military leader and
the flag of the Northern Star Alliance.

Battlefield Lost
During the First Stellar War in the 25th Century, the Crayven Corporation lost
contact with the colony on Morningstar Prime, leaving them and the other
colonies in the outer fringes to fend for themselves. In 2701, the new Terran
Empire returned to the outer fringes with the intent of reconquering those
colonies. The Imperial forces initially expected little resistance, having
assumed that Morningstar would have been devastated and regressed like
many other outer colonies.

The first Imperial strike was sudden and savage but the NSA managed to
defeat the strike fleet, much thanks to the military competence and leadership
of Fleet Admiral T Parker. The initial victory allowed NSA to improve their
defenses and gear up for war. Fleet Admiral T Parker, an experienced and wise
commander knew that they had won the battle but not the war. She initiated
several projects that would search for a long-term solution to the threat from the
Terran Empire.

In the following years, the war continued to be fought in space. For several
years the Terran Empire attacked NSA space, destroying its colonies one by
one, enslaving the people and getting closer to Morningstar Prime, the NSA
home world. In 2730, after 29 years of constant war, NSA lost the last of their
huge Fortress class ships along with the majority of all their capital ships in a
decisive battle outside Morningstar. The NSA had in one single battle lost all
their space capability and was at the mercy of the Empire. The Terran Empire
ignored all negotiations for peace, they held true to their long-kept tradition:
leave no pardon, no surrender

Fortunately, Fleet Admiral T Parkers' legacy was already in action. Huge
electromagnetic domes had been erected on Morningstar Prime to shield the
largest cities from orbital bombardment. But they never had the time nor the
resources to shield all cities; millions died in month long planetary
bombardments. Several urban areas were reduced to piles of rubble and eerie

The war entered a brief state of stalemate, as the Empire was unable to
penetrate the shields while the NSA were being held prisoners in their own
shields. The stalemate was broken when the Empire managed to land their first
troopships in the bombarded regions outside the domes.

Jacob Angelus' Company has been sent to Morningstar capitol, where situation
is becoming more and more critical and desperate. For NSA, destiny is at
hand; its only hope lies in an ancient and forgotten legend...

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