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Kohan II: Kings of War

Download Kohan II: Kings of War


Genre: Strategy

File Size: 287 MB

Publisher: TimeGate Studios

Date Posted: Oct/1/2004

Min Requirements:

OS: WinXp/Win2k/Win9x

CPU: > 1.5 GHz


GFX: 64 MB 3D Vid Card


Game Information:

Kohan II: Kings of War, is the sequel to one of the most innovative titles in the Real-Time Strategy genre. Kohan II delivers an extremely strategic, and combat oriented strategy experience, taking the emphasis off of mindless mouse clicking and micromanagement, and focusing on what counts, CONQUEST!
You command the Kohan. A race of immortal warlords, incapable of being killed, yet subject to a death of memory. Their nature is both blessing and bane. They need not fear death, yet cannot remember war's hard lessons and thus, will never know peace. It is the mortal races that suffer, as pawns in the Kohan's eternal game. Alliances are forged and broken, empires rise and fall; generations are born and die. As brothers bleed on each other's blades, an ancient force, timeless in its malevolence and tireless in its patience, watches silently, knowing its hour is nigh. The Shadow is rising and a new evil is spreading its nefarious wings. Who will stand against the Shadow in this time of darkness?

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