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Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2

Download Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2


Genre: Action

File Size: 208 MB

Publisher: Eidos

Date Posted: Jul/3/2005

Min Requirements:

OS: WinXp/Win2k

CPU: 500 MHz


GFX: 32 MB 3D Vid Card


Game Information:

Raziel emerges from the Chronoplast time portal, and returns to different eras of Nosgoth's past in his relentless pursuit of Kain. Over the course of his
journey, he unearths the mysteries of Nosgoth's ancient races, and exposes
the secrets behind the corruption of the Pillars and the vampire genocide.
Confronting the shadows of his unremembered past, he discovers a web of
destiny stretching eons into Nosgoth?s dim, unrecorded history. As his destiny comes full circle, Raziel finds his personal vendetta transformed into a hero?s journey, with the fate of Nosgoth hanging in the balance

Acquire new and improved Soul Reaver weapon enhancements, physical abilities, and relics to interact with the environment and unlock the dark secrets of Nosgoth.

Immerse yourself in an epic vampiric adventure and classic tale of betrayal and revenge supported with an intriguing storyline, compelling voice-over and no in-game loading times.

Experience a realm of highly detailed gothic architecture and expansive environments.

Enhanced graphics and combat system designed specifically for the PlayStation?2 computer entertainment system.

Morph objects and structures in real-time as you shift between the spectral and material realms.

Devour the souls of dozens of new enemies including vampire hunters, Sarafan warrior-priests, spectral spirits, and extra-dimensional demons.

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