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Mini Ninjas

Download Mini Ninjas


Genre: Adventure

File Size: 778 MB

Publisher: Eidos

Date Posted: Sep/8/2009

Min Requirements:

OS: WinXp

CPU: >3.0 GHz


GFX: 256 MB 3D Vid Card


Game Information:

Hiro, a small, young ninja, and his companions battle evil samurai using his ninjato and magic.

Hiro- He is the central character of the game. He was trained in the arts of kuji magic which allow him to manipulate nature, possess animals and stop time. He has a crush on Suzume and he's best friends with Futo. His main weapon is a Ninjato.

Futo- He is a very large ninja with a big heart. At first he could not find a weapon, he was either too clumsy, too strong or too big, he was about to be sent to the kitchen, but Hiro solved the problem by giving him a giant wooden hammer to utilise his strength, from then on they were best friends. His main weapon is a Giant Wooden Hammer.

Suzume- She may look fragile but appearances can be deceiving. She is very fast and agile using the flute her mother left her when she was a baby. She prides herself on being stealthy and only uses force when she has to. She decided that she has no time for boys, but she knows Hiro likes her. She has a love for music which is reflected on her main weapon, an Iron Flute that she can also use to shoot darts.

Tora- Before he was brought up by his master, he was put in a cage as a baby because he thought he was a Tiger. He is fast and ferocious, but nature didn't give him the things he needed to be a tiger. He rarely sits still, except to enjoy the sun. His main weapons are a pair of hand claws.

Kunoichi- She is the youngest and least mature of the girls. She looks up to Suzume and has a crush on Hiro. She is very agile. She is very quiet and doesn't reveal much about herself, she is considered a loner. Her main weapon is a Naginata (Spear)

Shun- When he was a baby, he was very energetic, but his master taught him to stay completely calm and clear-minded, he is also the stealthiest ninja. His main weapon is a Bow

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