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Tough Trucks: Modified Monsters

Download Tough Trucks: Modified Monsters


Genre: Sports

File Size: 277 MB

Publisher: Activision Value

Date Posted: Jun/3/2004

Min Requirements:

OS: WinXp/Win2k/Win9x

CPU: 500 MHz


GFX: 32 MB 3D Vid Card


Game Information:

It's time to start bending wrenches and checking the tire pressure. You're about to enter the most intense "Modified Monster" truck racing action to hit the PC! Kids close your eyes, parents close your ears, this action is fast, furious and if you're not careful.... your truck could become a mangled hunk of junk!

Climb into the driver's seat of an outrageous, pumped-up 4x4 and see if you can turn this "right-off-the-lot" machine into a genuine Modified Monster. It takes drive, determination and a big dose of brain blurrin' bone rattlin' action to earn the money to convert your stock pick up into a real dirt track champion.

Features Include:
16 Different Dirt Tracks
6 Unique Stock Pickup Trucks
Mud, Dirt and Water will be flying at every turn
Multiple camer angles
Deep Gameplay
Body Damage and Burnt Out Clutches

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