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War Front: Turning Point Single Player

Download War Front: Turning Point Single Player


Genre: Strategy

File Size: 847 MB

Publisher: CDV

Date Posted: Jan/19/2007

Min Requirements:

OS: WinXp/Win2k/Win9x

CPU: 2.5 GHz


GFX: 128 MB 3D Vid Card


Game Information:

The successful German occupation of Great Britain marked a turning point in
the Second World War and irreversibly altered the course of the greatest conflict known to man. Without the threat of RAF bombers, the Nazis could build up a safe, unconcealed and highly effective infrastructure for the development of nearly unstoppable super-weapons. The Americans could only answer the impending threat by producing their own futuristic arsenal. This silent technological cold war reached its boiling point when the Americans decided to participate in the Liberation of Britain.

Colonel John Lynch (an ex test-pilot and engineer for the military), best known for leading secret incursions against Nazi research sites and super-weapon plants all over Europe, has the orders to aid the British by delivering some of the newest American weapons to the frontline. The battle for London is the first clash between German and American super-technology. However, Lynch's adventures aren't over with this victory. A mysterious assault commando is operating behind the frontlines in allied territory, appearing out of nowhere, attacking British research sites, killing or kidnapping scientists and then vanishing into thin air. Lynch is chosen to deal with this threat by setting up a trap to kill or capture the Nazi commando, at any cost.

This operation raised more questions than it answered when Lynch encountered the leader of this commando on the battlefield�an enigmatic Russian woman of incredible beauty and ruthless character. In the end, the commando is killed but Lynch barely survives the incident and the woman manages to make an escape.

According to Allied Command, the Russian operative is Nadia Amanova, a highly dangerous double agent who switched to the Nazi side years ago. Lynch suspects otherwise and smells a rat. A big one. Could the Soviets be behind all this? But why would they kidnap British scientists?
Lynch wants to start his investigations right away, but Allied Command plans otherwise. He is again given an unusual task to free the leader of the German Resistance, the man who can be the key to victory over Hitler.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the war, Oberstleutnant Roland Hellmann is performing his duties on the eastern front working secretly for the German Resistance. He is fighting for a better Germany that he thinks the leader of the Resistance, General Hardt will bring them. Hellmann was the last man to talk to Hardt and hear his orders before the Nazis captured the General. The orders were simple and noble, to rescue "a damsel in distress," a young German spy who was operating deep within the Soviet Union. She returns home with disturbing evidence: the Russians are up to something big.
Lynch's and Hellmann's adventures become intertwined from this point when they are brought together by the rescue of General Hardt, the leader of the German resistance. Lynch has his doubts of the Russians, Hellmann has the evidence. They agree that they have to end the war as quickly as possible to prevent the Russians from pulling their final move, whatever secret plans they have. And that means Lynch and Hellmann have to do the unthinkable:

they have to kill Hitler... together.

The first "Science-Fiction/World War II" RTS title that combines resource gathering, army building, base construction and a full-fledged technology tree with an intuitive interface and accessible tactical combat in a style that will delight casual and veteran strategy gamers alike.

A detailed technology tree allows for a variety of recognized WWII weapons along with special, nation-specific, secret and super weapons such as multi-turreted tanks, jet-pack soldiers, stealth bombers, armored mechs and more.

Two single-player campaigns portray an epic struggle of good-versus-evil in which Hitler is killed early in the war, taking history and the player in a nail-biting new direction. The story is written by some of Hollywood's brightest screenwriting talents and told through a mixture of immersive cinematic cut scenes and fast-paced, tactical game play.

An action-packed multiplayer mode allows for up to ten players to compete against or cooperate with each other in teams or as individuals playing the Soviets, Germans or Americans. An Internet-based ladder will serve to memorialize the game's top tacticians world-wide.

Players can control units in a traditional top-down RTS perspective or take direct control and jump into turrets or attach to any combat vehicle for a near-FPS experience.

Three distinct heroes for each nation, each with its own special abilities that can help turning the tide of battle in the player's favour. Heroes gain experience and become more powerful, granting offensive and defensive bonuses to allied troops while weakening opposing units.

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