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Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury Cheats For Gameboy Advance

Dragon Ball Locations:

If your on the quest looking for the DragonBalls then your in luck because here are the locations.
Fukuro Forest,
Thieves Den,
Pilaf's Castle,
Kyodia Pyramid,
A Purle Airship,
Diablo Desert,
Nataday Village.


Buu's fury exhibit list
Light house - Feed the guy

Hercule city - Behind building b4 you enter capsule corp feed him

Air bandits flying ship 2nd vist - same way you got the dragonball

Fukurou forest - revist ninja guy will ask for bandanas get from flying airships

Theives den - use goku to teleport above house far left

orange star high school - get record for track race just talk to sharpner

king yamas place - talk to fortune teller baba

chi chis house - talk to ox king look in gohan and gotens room in box

papaya island buy from girt shop

korins tower - run round yagarobi 3 times anti clock wise then go to south west forst

korins tower - feed korin the 3rd option time to start fishing (note i thnik he gives u a exhibit) cant meba wot he gave me lol

pilaifs castle - on revist same way you got dragonball there

walmart in west city -but exhibit

grand kai planet- talk to grand kai

grand kai planet - when your able to go back to grand kais planet go to the cave where you r first got the z ton boots bubbles will be waiting talk to him

Bansho Fan - In Goku's house area past the level 140 Gohan door, there is a rocky area and you can blow up one of the rocks to reveal a passage. Continue through and get your award

Android #20's Hat
Go to Diablo Desert but when u enter the desert the character level door must be level 165 Trunks
then just go into the train and kill the enemies
eventually u'll get it in the last carriage

Chapter List

Chapter 1 - Other World Saga (Boss: Pikkon)
Chapter 2 - Great Saiyaman Saga (Boss: Goten)
Chapter 3 - World Tournament Saga (Boss: Goten, SSJ Goten, Majin Spovovich, Yamu)
Chapter 4 - Babidi Saga (Boss: Pui Pui, Yakon, Dabura)
Chapter 5 - Majin Vegeta Saga (Boss: Majin Vegeta, Majin Buu)
Chapter 6 - Majin Buu Saga (Boss: Majin Buu)
Chapter 7 - Dragon Ball Saga (Boss: LSSJ Broly)
Chapter 8 - Janemba Saga (Boss: Janemaba, Super Janemaba)
Chapter 9 - Super Buu Saga (Boss: Super Buu)
Chapter 10 - Fusion Saga (Boss: Super Buu 1,2,3, Super Buu Thoughts - Gotenks, Gohan, Piccolo)
Chapter 11 - Kid Buu Saga (Boss: Kid Buu)
Chapter 12 - New Begining Saga (Unplayable, End Sequence

Defeat Fat Buu
When you fight Fat Buu as Vegeta, just dodge his attacks (especially the candy one) and wait until Bababi lands on the ground. Hit Babadi so now you can smash Buu for a small amount of time until Babadi regains consiousness. Now continue this method until Buu is defeated!
Easy Training rating:
This will ridiciously slow your character down, and Its only available at the end or when your training with the Z-Sword. Go to the bottom corner of the planet of the Kai's, There will be a crack in the wall. Bust it down to find the Planet of the Kai's Z-Sword, which sells some really good weapons and Kiloton Armbands and Kiloton Leg thingies. This is really helpful for training, and will bring your speed to 0.

Collect all of the exibits(Z fighter and hercule`s exibits) to unlock gotenks,you wont get ANYTHING if you only collect one set.

Hercule and Z-fighter exhibits complete location rating: ---
Light House - Feed the lighthouse keeper:
Root Beer, Turkey, Hercule-Ade, Elixer, Dino Tail, Super Elixer.

West City - Behind the building before you enter capsule corp, next to the dumpster, feed the guy with a steak.

West City - At the upper left corner, use Goku's Instant Transmission to get it out of the box.

Fukurou Forest - Revisit the ninja at the start of fukurou forest, give him bandanas you get from flying ships.

Fukurou Forest - Take the Right Route clear 3 Samurai's in one of the chambers.

Air bandits flying ship 2nd visit - Complete it the same way you got the Dragonball.

Thieves Den - Use goku to teleport above the house on the far left.

Orange Star High School - Get the record for the track race, the talk to sharpner.

King Yemas office- Talk to fortune teller Baba after you complete the game.

Goku's House - Talk to Ox King after you complete the game.

Goku's House - Look in the big purple box in Gohans room.

Papaya Island - Buy from the gift shop.

Korins Tower - Run around Yajarobi 3 times anti clock wise, then he will drop it in the Soutwest forest next to the guy who told you to run around Yajarobe.

Korins Tower - Give Korin 1,2 or 3 Red Snappers.

Pilaf's Castle - On the revisit go to the same place you got the Dragonball, then kill the guys in that room, they should drop the exhibit.

Z Mart in West City - Buy Exhibit.

Grand Kai's Planet - Talk to Grand Kai after you finish the otherworld tournament.

Grand Kai's Planet - When you complete the game, go back to his planet and go into the cave, bubbles should be waiting there with it.

Forest Next to Goku's house - Go past the level 140 Gohan door, there is a rocky area you can punch and break one of the rocks, then you can go along and get another exhibit.

Forest Next to Goku's house - Go into the ,then search the tree with the Blue fruits, behind the tree is the exhibit.

Diablo Desert - On the revisit go through the door, break it with Gohan first then come back with Trunks and break it, go to the train and at the end of the train kill the enemies, one of them should drop it.

Diablo Desert - Go up two screens then left two screens, it should be in a rock somewhere there, if not just check all the rocks

Kami's Lookout - On the top left hand side there are some tree's, keep hitting A while next to them and an invisible box should open with a exhibit.

Nataday Village - Fight brolly and when you defeat him you will get a exhibit.

Nataday Village - Hit the switch to activate the bridge, then go up to the top of the screen and right, destroy the rock and follow the passage.

Kyodai Pyramid - Defeat the Boss mummy then go through the next room and it will be in one of the boxes.

Capsule Corp - Talk to one of the scientists there, he will give you it.

Babadi's ship - Go to the top right hand corner and use Goku's Instant Transmission to get the exhibit out of the box

Hercule's House - Look in his house, it's in a box next to his big screen tv

Capsule Corp. Museum exhibits:

Baba's ball: Successfully complete the game, then go Yenma's office and speak with Baba.

Gohan's training sword: Search the toy box in Goku's house.

Ox King's hat: Go to Goku's house and talk to King Ox.

Unlimited Senzu Beans:

All you need to do to get unlimited senzu beans is with any character go to kamis look out and then go on the arrow to fly down to korins tower then talk too yajirobe until you get 99 senzu beans. Wont have to worry about spending ur money on food and energy drinks..

Find The 4-Star Dragonball:

When you have to gather the dragonballs, there will be a village with a priest who wears a dragonball. To get this ball, first get the other 6 balls. Goten will drop the radar into this village. When you go down to get it, talk to the priest. He will let you go up the volcano. Go to the top and defeat Broly. Then the priest will give you the dragonball.

Fly as a Super Saiyan/Super Saiyan 3:

During the entire came if u try to reach the world map as a super saiyan or higher, u will power down to normal. However, go inside kami's tower and down the stairs on the right. The door in the center is where Goten and Trunks wake up after Vegeta sacrifices himself to stop Buu. Transform into a S.S. or S.S.3 and hit the "A" button next to the window. You will fly out without powering down. You will however have a glitch and u will disappear if u turn while flying.

Quick & Easy Experience:

Equip weighted items such as Armbands & Boots, the more weight it is the slower you go but the more experience you get.

Unlock Gogeta:

To get Gogeta collect all of the HERCULE exzibits,the Z Warrior ones don't matter, it only opens the museum according to the man who you give them to,but when you give the last box to the waiter of the Hercule restaurant he says something like this, "Congratulations GOGETA is now playable as a character".Play as Goku and select the ability by pressing L.

Play as Gogeta - Z-Fighter Exhibits:

As we all probably know, to unlcok the ultimate character: Gogeta you must first get all 25 Hercule exhibits and 15 Z-fighter exhibits, which can be a long a hard task. I have found one Z-fighter exhibit that u can find right before or right after fighting buu. A enemy drops it in "Pilaf's Castle" towards the end of the level. It shouldn't take too long, just equip an item that gives u more luck.

Free Cookies:

Talk To Bulmas Mom and get up to 200 free cookies

Cleaning Dirty clothes:

If you haven't found htis out already, if you get an item called "dirty shirt" or "dirty Gi" take it to bulma's mother (girl with blonde hair) at the entrance to the capsule corporation. She's all the way to the left doing laundry. She'll take the dirty clothes and all you need to do is go to a different screen and come back and they are clean...which means they work better

Z Fighters Exhibit List:

Every time you get one of those, they are unlocked for the capsule corp museum, letting you see a specific item from the DBZ series.

Baba's ball Finish the game and then talk to Baba, on Yenma's office.
Gohan's training sword On Goku's house, go to the toybox and search it for this item.
Ox King's hat Talk to King Ox in Goku's house
Yajirobe's Sword Walk around Yajirobe counter-clockwise three times and he will drop an item near Babidi's Spaceship. It is the artifact Yajirobe's Sword.
Broly's Crown Defeat Broly at the volcano.

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