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Super Smash Bros. Melee Cheats For Gamecube

Strategy Guide

Unlock Dr. Mario:
Beat the game in classic mode as Mario without using any continues and beat Dr.Mario to unlock him or play VS mode 100 times.

700ft homerun:
To get 700ft on homerun contest with Roy, go up to the sand bag. Hit Up + B 2 times, scoot the sand bag to the edge, charge up your sword (hold down B) and then hit it it should go about 700ft or more.

Unlock Mr. Game & Watch:
Beat the game in Adventure mode or Classic mode with all characters then beat him to unlock him.

Unlock Mewtwo:
Play vs. mode for 20 hours.

Unlock Falco:
Clear the 100 Man Melee and beat Falco to unlock him or play VS mode 300 times.

Unlock Ganondorf:
Beat event #29 where Link and Zelda face Ganondorf, beat him to unlock him.

Unlock Jigglypuff:
Beat Adventure mode or Classic mode with any character. Beat him to unlock him.

Unlock Luigi:
Play Adventure Mode and on the first stage get a 2 in the second's meter. Then Luigi will appear in the next round instaed of Mario, then beat him after you clear Adventure or play VS mode 800 times.

Unlock Luigi:
When unlocking Luigi, in battle with Luigi and Peach, you must beat them both in under a minute.

Unlock Marth:
Use all of the original characters once in VS, Classic or Adventure mode. Beat Marth to unlock him.

Unlock Pichu:
Beat event # 37 and beat Pichu to unlock him, or play VS mode 200 times.

Unlock Roy:
Beat Adventure mode or Classic mode with Marth without continuing. Beat Roy to unlock him.

Unlock Young Link:
Beat Classic mode with Link, Zelda and 8 other characters then beat Young Link to unlock him or play VS mode 500 times.

Unlock Planet Zebes: Brinstar Depths:
Play 50 VS matches.

Eagleland: Fourside:
Play 100 VS matches.

F-Zero Grand Prix: Big Blue:
Play 150 VS matches.

Kanto Skies: Pok Floats:
Play 200 VS matches.

Mushroom Kingdom II:
Get Birdo or Pidgit trophy from Super Mario Bros. 2.

Superflat World: Flat Zone:
Unlock Mr. Game & Watch and defeat Classic mode with him.

Beat All-Star Mode with any character.

Final Destination:
Clear all 51 Event Matches.

Dream Land:
Beat Target Test with all 25 characters.

Yoshi's Island:
Hit at least 1,323 feet in the Homerun Contest with Yoshi.

Kongo Jungle:
Finish 15-minute Melee with any character.

Get Captin Olimar Trophy:
Have a Pikmin game data saved on your memory card.

Giant melee setup:
Turn all items off apart from the super mushroom, then setup a giant melee as you normally would ( pick stage and charecters) then just grab a few mushrooms during the match and go super size. But if you play as mario with all those settings on and during gameplay you press up on the D-pad he will go super super sized for a few seconds!

Samus trick:
There is a way to make the thing Samus throws with twice as long! Here is what you have to do Double jump then tap the Z button rapidly and push Up and Down on the D-Pad rapidly at the same time. Note: This takes time and practice.

How to beat event #50:
Pick Yoshi attack Masterhand 1st. (Trust me attack Master Hand 1st)Slighty jump so it looks like youre on top him press Down-A and it will do 30 through 40%. Do the same with Crazyhand and then you will get event #51! Which is called "The Showdow!" which is Mewtwo,Ganadorf and Giga Bowser!

How to get Master Hand trophy:
Beat Clasic on Hard. (No continues!).

How to get Crazy Hand trophy:
Beat Adventure on Hard. (No continues!)

How to get Mew trophy:
Beat All-Star on Hard. (No continues!)

Fun to do:
Go to trophys then go to collection. Hold different Buttons down (like Y, X, L, R and L + R together.) You'll see what happens!

Get more coins on classic:
On Master Hand, don't attack him until the last 30 seconds. For the rest of the time push the cotrol stick left & right fast but don't walk/run while doing this (a little is okay). You will recieve a lot more coins at the end.

Giga Bowser trophy:
To unlock Giga Bowser trophy, you must beat Adventure on Normal (no continues) and under 18 minutes. Beat him and the trophy is yours permanently.

Unlock Jigglypuff:
Beat Classic or Adventure Mode on any difficulty.

Unlock Dr. Mario:
Beat Classic or Adventure Mode on any difficulty with Mario without losing a life.

Unlock Marth:
Play vs. Mode with every character.

Unlock Roy:
Beat Classic or Adventure mode on any difficulty without using a continue with Marth.
(supplied by: davey_russell)

Unlock Young Link:
Beat Classic or Adventure with every playable character from the start.

Unlock Ganondorf:
Complete event 29 "Triforce Gathering".

Unlock Luigi:
In Adventure Mode with any character beat Mushroom Kingdom with a 2 as your finishing number (eg. 1:22).

Unlock Pichu:
Complete event 37 "Legendary Pokemon".

Unlock Mewtwo:
Play 20 hours total of vs. Mode matches(plug two controllers in and turn items off the choses level pokemaon stadium and leave your system on).

Unlock Falco:
Beat 100 Man Melee in Stadium.

Unlock Mr. Game & Watch:
Beat Classic Mode, Adventure Mode or Break The Targets with all characters.

Once you have the Barrel Cannon trophy, go to gallery, and select it, then look under it you will see the writing on it: 2L84ME

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