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WWF WrestleMania 2000 Cheats For Nintendo 64

Strategy Guide
Custom Wrestler Clones
Game Shark Codes

  • Wrestle as Jim Ross

    Get to the WWF World Championship match to unlock Jim Ross.

  • Wrestle as Jerry Lawler

    Get to the WWF World Championship match to unlock Jerry Lawler.

  • Wrestle as Stephanie McMahon

    Begin a game in "Road To WrestleMania" mode with Test. Then, Stephanie Mcmahon will accompany him after a few matches. She will then be unlocked.

  • Wrestle as Paul Bearer

    Begin a game in "Road To WrestleMania" mode with The Undertaker. Then, Paul Bearer will accompany him after a few matches. He will then be unlocked.

  • Wrestle as Dude Love

    Win the WWF Heavyweight belt at SummerSlam. Then, Dude Love will appear and say he is there to make peace. He will then be unlocked.

  • Wrestle as Cactus Jack

    Win the WWF Hardcore Championship belt and defend it approximately three times. Then, Cactus Jack will appear and challenge your wrestler to a match. He will then be unlocked.

  • Wrestle as Shawn Michaels (HBK)

    Successfully complete "Road To WrestleMania" mode and win the Championship belt. After the final match, HBK's music will play. He will appear and challenge your wrestler to a match. Successfully beat HBK to unlock him.

  • Smoking Skull belt

    Successfully complete "Road To Wrestlemania" mode with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to unlock the Smoking Skull belt in "Create-A-Belt" mode.

  • CPU named belt

    Create a belt and win it. If you lose to the CPU when trying to defend the belt, the CPU will name the belt.

  • Headbangers appearance

    Edit Chaz and change his clothes to Thrasher's, name to "MOSH" (case-sensitive), and music and video to the Headbangers to make them appear together in a tag match with "Headbangers" displayed.

  • Tag team appearances

    Set the indicated character's music and video to the following entries to have them appear together in a tag team match:

    Vince & Shane

      Wrestlers: Vince & Shane
      Music: Corporate
      Video: Corporate

    Mark Henry & D'Lo Brown

      Wrestlers: Mark Henry & D'Lo Brown
      Music: D'Lo Brown
      Video: D'Lo Brown


      Wrestlers: HHH & X-Pac
      Music: DX
      Video: DX

    D-Generation X 2

      Wrestlers: X-Pac & Road Dogg
      Music: DX
      Video: DX

    New Age Outlaws

      Wrestlers: Road Dogg & Billy Gunn
      Music: Road Dogg
      Video: Road Dogg

    The Corporate Ministry

      Wrestlers: Shane & The Undertaker
      Music: Corporate Ministry
      Video: Corporate Ministry


      Wrestlers: Big Show & Mankind
      Music: Union
      Video: None

    Union 2

      Wrestlers: Test & Ken Shamrock
      Music: Union
      Video: None

    Union 3

      Wrestlers: Shamrock & Big Show
      Music: Union
      Video: None

    Union 4

      Wrestlers: Test & Mankind
      Music: Union
      Video: None

    Union 5

      Wrestlers: Test & Big Show
      Music: Union
      Video: None

    Union 6

      Wrestlers: Mankind & Shamrock
      Music: Union
      Video: None

    Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco

      Wrestlers: Patterson & Brisco
      Music: Patterson
      Video: Patterson

    The Brood

      Wrestlers: Gangrel & Christian
      Music Brood
      Video: Brood


      Wrestlers: Mideon & Viscera
      Video: Ministry
      Music: Ministry


      Wrestlers: Bradshaw & Farooq
      Video: Ministry
      Music: Ministry

  • Godfather's Ho as a manager

    Clone your wrestler from Godfather. Then you can change any attribute, but it is necessary to have his fighting style.

  • Ho's

    Go to "Edit" and select one of the Originals. Then, go to "Clone" and select Debra, Terri, etc. You may now edit the woman. Select "Attire" and change the outfits. Costumes for Stephanie McMahon and two other females are there. You have to save her as an Original. Then you can trade her to go over to the Superstars Fed, with the other females.

  • Dummy

    When you clone a women wrestler and edit the clone you can make the dummy that you do the moves to in create wrestler.

  • SummerSlam WWF Heavyweight title

    Win the King Of The Ring tournament to get a WWF Heavyweight title shot at SummerSlam.

  • WWF WrestleMania title

    Win the Royal Rumble tournament to get a shot at the WWF WrestleMania title. You must win the Royal Rumble tournament in order to make it to the WWF WrestleMania championship match. Even if you are already the champ, if you lose the Royal Rumble tournament, Vince McMahon will take the title away and you will have to start from the beginning again.

  • Quit Road To Wrestlemania without losing

    Press Start and select "Quit" to get out of a Road To Wrestlemania match without losing.

  • Manager assistance

    Your manager can help fight if your wrestler is the first person in the ring. Hold C-Up + C-Down + Z on controller three to have your manager be controlled by player three. If your wrestler is the second person in the ring, hold C-Up + C-Down + Z on controller four. Note: This only works for single matches.

  • Manager interference

    Start a one-on-one match and select a wrestler that has a manager/valet. Select an opponent that does not have a manager/valet. Then, start the match and wait for a run-in for the opposing wrestler. After the new wrestler enter the ring, your manager will jump into the match and beat up the interfering wrestler.

  • Random character

    At the character selection screen, press C-Down.

  • Alternate costumes

    At the character selection screen, press C-Left or C-Right.

  • Alternate introduction sequence

    Edit any wrestler's first costume to a different outfit and save it. Then restart the game, but do not press Start at the title screen. That wrestler's appearance will now change to match the new outfit during the introduction sequence.

  • View entrance costume

    Select a wrestler, then return to the character selection screen and highlight that wrestler again. The wrestler will be dressed in what will be worn when he makes his entrance.

  • Slow-motion move preview

    Enter wrestler edit mode, go to the move edit option and preview a move. Then during the preview, hold C-Right to see the move in slow-motion.

  • Obtain a weapon

    Go to the side barricade during a match, then face the crowed and press C-Up.

  • Get Big Bossman's night stick or Al Snow's "Head" as a weapon

    Either wrestle as the Big Bossman or Al Snow, then go to the side barricade and press C-Up to get their weapon. Or clone any wrestler and change the specific weapon to tongfar. Go to appearance, edit and change the entry prop to nightstick or head. Start a match, go to the barricade, then press C-Up to get the selected weapon.

  • Finishing moves

    Get in tie-up and move the Analog-stick while the spirit meter is in "Special".

  • Steal opponent's finishing move

    Strong grapple your opponent while your Attitude meter is flashing, then press the Analog-stick in any direction while simultaneously pressing A + B to humiliate your opponent by smacking him or her around with their own move.

  • Steal opponent's taunt

    Rotate the Analog-stick clockwise.

  • Mooning woman wrestler

    Select a woman wrestler and choose Badd Ass Billy Gunn as an opponent. Then during the match, steal his taunt to pull down your pants and moon him.

  • Large created wrestler name

    Clone an original wrestler to a different real wrestler, and change his name to have it appear large.

  • Unmasked Kane

    Enter edit mode and clone a wrestler into Kane. Go to "Appearance Edit" and select "Head". Set the value to "0", and Kane's face will be revealed.

  • Dancing Shane and Vince McMahon

    Go to the edit screen and go under "Profile Music", select The Corporate Titan Tron Video, and The Godfather's music (or the many other songs) and press C-Left to preview. You will see Shane and Vince McMahon move to the beat in almost every song.

  • Climb over the cage

    Get your meter high enough so you do not fall down when you are on the cage. Then, knock your opponent down and go as high as you can on the cage. Hold Up and rapidly tap B to slowly climb over.

  • Climb the cage faster

    Get a special and climb the cage to climb twice as fast.

  • Flip opponent on turntable

    While an opponent is stunned in the corner, press L to flip him on the turnbuckle.

  • Tree Of Woe position

    While your opponent is in the turnbuckle, grapple him and press L.

  • The People's Elbow

    When performing The People's Elbow and The Rock is running toward the first rope, hold C-Down until he gets to the second rope to jump over your downed opponent. Then on the way back to your opponent, press B to finish it with the elbow.

  • Alternate running move

    When running at an opponent, either in the corner or whipped into the ropes, press A + B to do a different move. For example, Steve Austin will do a Splash in the corner and a Knee Block when running at an opponent. You can also use this when an opponent is running at your wrestler off the ropes after being whipped in, and you are standing still.

  • Alternate rope move

    When an opponent is down near the corner, press A to perform a new move. For example, Steve Austin will mount the second rope and do an Elbow Drop; Christian will do a splash from the second rope. If your wrestler does not have a second rope move, then they will put a new hold on the floored opponent.

  • Gangrel's entrance with created wrestler

    Create a wrestler and give them The Brood's music. The created wrestler will come out the ring of fire during their entrance.

  • Chris Jericho's real pose at the entrance

    Create a wrestler and give them Steve Austin's walk and The Brood's music.

  • Taunt the Titantron

    Create a wrestler and give them Steve Austin's walk, The Brood's music, and have them come out to the ring with somebody. During the entrance of the wrestler, they will turn around, face the Titantron, and do their taunt.

  • Double team moves

    Note: Some wrestlers do different double team moves with others. Try mixing wrestlers with different wrestlers.

      Spike Piledriver

      One person in front of opponent and one person at the side, then both grapple.

      Spike Powerbomb

      Same as the Piledriver.

      Double Wishbone Legsplitter

      Both players in front of opponent, then both grapple.

      Double Suplex

      Same as Wishbone Legsplitter.

      Double Facecrucher/Bulldog

      Both players in back of opponent, then both grapple.

      Double atomic drop

      Same as Double Facecrucher/Bulldog.

      Dudleys 3D

      When creating a wrestler, give them the front double team move and 3/4 Tossing Breaker. Grapple with your wrestler and someone else in the front. When you do the double team move. It will look like the 3D.

  • Replacement moves in creation mode

    The following moves can be used as replacements in creation mode:

      The FlowDDT can be used as Ravens Evenflow DDT
      The Sledgehammer can be used as Goldberg's Jackhammer
      The Jacknife Powerbomb can be used as Kevin Nash's Jacknife Powerbomb
      The Insiders Edge can be used as Scott Hall's Outsider's Edge
      The 3/4 Turn Into Neckbreaker can be used as DDP's Diamond Cutter
      The X factor can be used as Jazz's Jazz Stinger
      The Leg Drop Off The Top can be used as Sabu's Arabian Face Buster
      The T-bone Suplex can be used as Taz's T-bone Suplex
      The Sharpshooter can be used as Sting's Scorpion Death Lock
      The Pimp Drop can be used as Saturn's DVD
      The Downward Spiral can be used as Kanyon's Flatliner
      The Insider Edge can be used as Scott Hall's Outsiders Edge
      The Edge Spear can be used as Goldberg's Spear
      The Sledgehammer can be used as Goldberg's Jackhammer
      The X-Pac special from behind can be used as Rey Mysterio Jr. secret move
      The Stone Cold Stunner can be used as Justin Credible's secret move
      The Shooting Star Press can be used as Kidman's Gainer
      The Hangover off the top rope can be used as Booker T. Harlem's Hangover
      The Pimp Drop can be used as Tommy Dreamer's Spicolli Driver
      The Low Down can be used as RVD's 5 Star Frog Splash
      The Piledriver 02 can be used as Jerry Lynn's Cradle Piledriver
      The Oklahoma Slam can be used as Dr. Death's Oklahoma Stampede
      The Tombstone can be used as Justin Credible's Thats Incredible
      The DD DDT can be used as the Scorpion Death Drop
      The Jumping Outside Crescent Kick can be used as the Harlem Sidekick
      The Pedigree can be used as Stevie Ray's Slapjack
      The Dragonsteiner can be used as Rey Mysterio Jr.'s Lation Hurricanrana
      The Gangsta Stretch can be used as Konnan's Tequila Sunrise
      The Pump Handle Slam can be used as Wrath's Meltdown
      The Diving Powerbomb can be used as Dr. Death's Dr. Bomb
      The Super Camel Clutch can be used as the Steiner Recliner
      The Screwdriver can be used as the Steiner Screwdriver
      The Super Release German can be used as The German Release Tazplex
      The Rear Naked Choke with scissors can be used as the Tazmission
      The Guillotine Choke With Scissors can be used as the Larry Zbysko's Larry Land Dreamer
      The Strong Sambo Suplex can be used as Yokozuna's Suplex
      The Firethunder Driver can be used as Rikishi Phatu and Bam Bam Bigelow's Inverted Piledriver
      The Torture Rack pancake can be used as Tatanka's "End of the Trail"
      The Canadian Crossface can be used as the Crippler Crossface
      The Double Ring Stretch can be used as the Rings Of Saturn
      The Jumping Piledriver can be used as Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff's Piledriver
      The Stunner Can be used as Disco Inferono's Last Dance
      The Falcon Arrow or Michinoku Driver can be used as Vampiro's Nail In The Coffin

    Game Shark Codes

    Note: You must have a 3.0 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these codes.

    Enable Code (Must Be On)F10376E0 2400
    Unlock All Characters8109ED5A FFFF
    Infinite Creation Points8011A81B 001E
    Max Spirit P1801671F5 00FF
    Always Normal Spirit P1801671F5 0032
    No Spirit P1801671F5 0000
    Weapon Modifier P1 [Note]81167236 0300
    81166D90 ????
    81166D92 0000
    80166E50 0000
    Max Spirit P280167689 00FF
    Always Normal Spirit P280167689 0032
    No Spirit P280167689 0000
    Weapon Modifier P2 [Note]811676CA 0300
    81166DC0 ????
    80166DC2 0001
    80166E51 0001
    Max Spirit P380167B1D 00FF
    Always Normal Spirit P380167B1D 0032
    No Spirit P380167B1D 0000
    Weapon Modifier P3 [Note]81167B5E 0300
    81166DF0 ????
    80166DF2 0002
    80166E52 0002
    Max Spirit P480167FB1 00FF
    Always Normal Spirit P480167FB1 0032
    No Spirit P480167FB1 0000
    Weapon Modifier P4 [Note]81167FF2 0300
    81166E18 ????
    81166E1A 0003
    80166E53 0003
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Codes
    0000 - Broom
    0101 - Shovel
    0202 - Red And White Hockey Stick
    0303 - Guitar
    0404 - Night Stick
    0505 - Head
    0606 - Black Hockey Stick
    0707 - Bottle
    0808 - 2x4
    0909 - Big Purple Sheet
    0A0A - White Jug
    0B0B - Suit Case
    0C0C - Stick
    0D0D - Head
    0E0E - Big Mallot
    0F0F - Black Microphone
    1010 - BaseBall Bat
    1111 - Folding Chair
    1212 - Board
    1313 - Stairs
    1414 - Trashcan
    FFFF - Nothing

    Note: This code causes the game to sometimes glitch at random.

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