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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Cheats For Personal Computer

Cheat Codes:
Weapon Set 1, Thug's Tools
Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools
Weapon Set 3, Nutter Tools
Health, Armor, $250kHESOYAM
Increase Wanted Level Two StarsOSRBLHH
Clear Wanted LevelASNAEB
Infinite Ammo, No ReloadWANRLTW
Full Weapon Aiming While DrivingOUIQDMW
Infinite HealthBAGUVIX
Infinite OxygenCVWKXAM
Never Wanted
Six Star Wanted Level
Never Get HungryAEDUWNV
Hitman In All Weapon StatsNCSGDAG
Max All Vehicle Skill StatsVQIMAHA
Have a bounty on your headBAGOWPG
Slut MagnetBEKKNQV
Adrenaline ModeMUNASEF
Max Sex AppealEHIBXQS
Max RespectOGXSDAG
Recruit Anyone (9mm)SJMAHPE
Recruit Anyone (Rockets)ZSOXFSQ

Environment Codes:
Sunny Weather
Very Sunny WeatherICIKPYH
Overcast WeatherALNSFMZO
Rainy WeatherAUIFRVQS
Foggy WeatherCFVFGMJ
Faster ClockYSOHNUL
Faster GameplayPPGWJHT
Slower GameplayLIYOAAY
Peds Attack Each Other, Get Golf ClubAJLOJYQY
Everyone is armedFOOOXFT
Blow Up All CarsCPKTNWT
Invisible carXICWMD
All green lightsZEIIVG
Aggressive DriversYLTEICZ
Pink trafficLLQPFBN
Black trafficIOWDLAC
Elvis is EverywhereASBHGRB
Peds Attack YouBGLUAWML
Beach PartyCIKGCGX
Gang Members EverywhereMROEMZH
Gangs Control the StreetsBIFBUZZ
Traffic is Cheap Cars
Traffic is Fast CarsGUSNHDE
Huge Bunny HopJHJOECW
Cars Float Away When HitBSXSGGC
Always MidnightXJVSNAJ
Orange Sky 21:00OFVIAC
Funhouse ThemePRIEBJ
Reduced TrafficTHGLOJ
Traffic is Country VehicleFVTMNBZ
Country Vehicles and Peds, Get "Born 2 Truck" OutfitBMTPWHR

Vehicle Cheats:
Spawn Bloodring BangerCQZIJMB
Spawn Rancher
Spawn RacecarPDNEJOH
Spawn RacecarVPJTQWV
Spawn RomeroAQTBCODX
Spawn StretchKRIJEBR
Spawn TrashmasterUBHYZHQ
Spawn CaddyRZHSUEW
Spawn HydraJUMPJET
Spawn Vortex HovercraftKGGGDKP
Spawn HunterOHDUDE
Perfect Handling
Smash n' BoomJCNRUAD
All Cars Have NitroCOXEFGU
Taxis Have Nitrous, L3 Bunny HopVKYPQCF
Spawn ParachuteAIYPWZQP
Spawn JetpackYECGAA

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Secret Cars:

Here is a cheat to get some secret cars, boats and stuff

BF injection: Get first place at the dirt ring race at las venturas stadium

Bloodring Banger: Get your total time up to 1 minute in the Bloodring

Bullet: Get all silver awards in driving school

Dune: Beat the score of 25 at the Dirt Ring
FCR-900: Get all silver awards in bike school

Freeway: Get all bronze awards in bike school

HotKnife: Get all gold awards in driving school

Hotring Racer: Get first place in 8 - Track

Hunter: Get all gold awards in pilot school to
one at Verdant Meadows Airstrip

Hydra: Beat the mission, "Vertical Bird" and it will spawn at your airstrip

Jet Pack: Complete the airstrip asset near Las Venturas

JetMax: Get all gold awards in boat school

Marquis: Get all bronze awards in boat school

Monster Car: Win it by beating 8-track

NRG-500: Get all gold awards at Bike School

Rustler: Get all bronze awards in pilot school

Squallo: Get all silver awards in boat school

Stunt Plane: Get all silver awards in pilot school

Super GT: Get all bronze awards in driving school

Fast Workout:

With workout you can only workout until a limit and it says "...Come back tomorrow". Since you can only workout to that point, what you can do is goto your house and save the game about 3-4 times in a row (each save is 9 hours). Then after you do that a few times (9x3=27hours) you can go back to the gym and workout some more.

Easy Money, Respect, And Guns, All From The Safety Of Your Home:

Ok, First of all this isn't truly a code its a small glitch and it might work well in other places, but i used the save at your garage in san feria. First get a pistol with some ammo, not a lot because that is what this glitch is for, and go to the garage. Then just start cappin' people making sure you are getting all the cops. As your wanted level begins to rise more and more cops appear, kill each of them and collect their weapons. As your health starts to deplete go closer to the save point, but don't touch it until you think you have to. Once you do touch it save your game, and come back to the outside world with no wanted level and the same amount of cops around. You can repeat this process as many times as you want, with what ever gun, to level it and gain respect. I found this out by accident and stuck with it so I could make my self a hitman with all the available weapons

Video Game "They Crawled From Uranus"

Hint: Enter Carl's home and turn right towards the TV. Hit the triangle when close enough and you will be playing his
video game
"They came from Uranus"

2 Player mode & Where to get a quad:

2 player mode: To play in 2 player mode, go to Big smokes house ("BS" on the map). Then face it. then go to your right and keep going until you get to a fence. on the other side you will see a red icon. climb the fence and run into it. now the 2nd player can choose what they look like. then you get to play with two people in free roam mode.

Get a quad: Go to Blueberry Acres and by the bridge that is closed off, there will be a sign hanging down that says Easterboard Farm. Go into the farm and next to one of the buildings, there will be a quad.

Train Code:

WARNING: Sometimes when you go into another city, you will automatically get a 4 star wanted level. There is no cheat that will make this disappear. The best thing you can do is put in a health and armor code

What you have to do is go to a train station, wait a bit for the train and then steal it. Now you can drive the train.

You can go the the "forbidden map area" (the one that you haven't unlocked yet). Just keep the train at full speed and you will go trough the blockades. You will get a wanted level of 4 stars, but as long as you keep dribing the police cant do anything.

NOTE: You cant get further at the tunnel at the Market Place station. You will have to drive backwards then.

Get to planes without unlocking next city:

WARNING: Sometimes when you fly into another city, you will automatically get a 4 star wanted level. There is no cheat that will make this disappear. The best thing you can do is put in a health and armor code, and jump from your plane. A hunter chased me while I was in the plane, and shot one missile at me which took me out. On foot, the FBI chase you.

OK, if you would like to fly to San Fierro or Las Venturas before unlocking them, then take a truck or car (preferably a truck) and go down to the Los Santos airport. Go to the entrance where when you get close it says you can't go in until you go through pilot school. Park your vehicle next to the small shack, get out of your vehicle, jump on top of your vehicle, and then on top of the building. From there, jump over the fence. And there you go! Access to planes and other cities!

Get Great Strength:

Hint: To get great strength, you must work. You must go to the gym. Working out at the gym will enable CJ to attack more efficiently and hit harder with meelee attacks. My hint is to do 2 things:
1.) Go to the ocean or lake and swim for hours. 30 minutes of swimming will give extra levels of stamina and strength to CJ. Also you will become a better swimmer and will know the vast area in which you area swimming in.
2.) Get a bike (BMX or BIKE) that consists of CJ pedaling. Go somewhere that will need much pedaling, but not too much so that you will get stuck. that would be bad. Like Red Country. With the BMX try to jump a lot, because the more you jump the better CJ will become at jumping and overtime you and CJ will be able to do cool tricks on the bike.

Get buff fast in one day:

Go to any gym and work out a little then before it says (come back tomorrow) go out. Then go back in and do the same thing again. But make sure you go out before it says (come Back tomorrow). Again go back in and from there work out as much as you want the game shouldn't say (come back tomorrow). this a the fastest way you could get buff.

How To Do A Front Wheel Wheelie:

First You Have To Get Any Kind Of Bike(Sanchez,PCJ600,BMX,Mountain)Then You Need To Accelerate On A Straight Road, Lean Forward and Brake(Like Doing A Stoppie). Then Accelerate and Keep Leaning Forward.

Pimp Suit in Wardrobe:

In order to get the pimp suit in your wardrobe, you have to get to %100 progress with Denise. Once you get %100 progress with her, it will say "Denise has bought you a gift! Go and see it in your wardrobe". then go to your wardrobe and go to "Special" and then there it is!

Earn Money Using the Bus:

Just get a bus then drive into a bus stop. Each citizen who gets on gives you 5 dollars!

Easier Way To Get In Airport:

Go by the airport, take a right at the entrance (don't go in), follow the road, go through the tunnel, watch your map and you will see a very small gap (which can be jumped even on foot) from you and a corner of the airport. Jump the small gap and your in.

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