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Kidnapped By Aliens Walkthrough Cheats For Personal Computer

01 - Start by collecting the map under the bed.
02 - Take note of the symbols on the wall above bed, and check the strange fixture in the corner of the room.
03 - Click the edge of the cabinet to move it.
04 - Crawl into the opening, move forward until you can move left.
05 - Move left into the tunnel, notice the grate is blocking your path.
06 - Turn around and notice the symbols on the wall.
07 - Move left and then forward until you reach another room.
08 - Click the control panel on the cabinet.
09 - Use the symbols on the vent along with the marks on the wall above the bed to open the cabinet (top left, bottom, top right, bottom, top left).
10 - Take the invisibility bracelet and put it on.
11 - Get the screwdriver out of the desk drawer.
12 - Head back to the left into the vent.
13 - Move forward until you reach the room you started in.
14 - Watch the alien and pick up the item he drops.
15 - Go back into the vent to where the grate is located.
16 - Use the triangle driver to open the grate – head forward.
17 - Notice the white rings traveling along the lasers.
18 - Using the control panel turn the dials in such a way that they turn the way the white ring is traveling.
19 - The dial on the left corresponds to the top laser (top – turn right, then move to the next dial – turn left, next dial turn left, next dial turn right, the next dial turn left, the next dial turn right, the last dial turn left.
20 - The lasers will go away, grab the axe.
21 - Head back through the vent and turn left, then move forward until you reach the room with the gold cabinet.
22 - Break the glass on the gold cabinet with your axe – get the scroll and examine it closer.
23 - With the code you see unlock the lock on the side of the door.
24 - Now you are in the main hallway of the spacecraft.
25 - There are 7 rooms that you can enter right now, 3 of which you have already been in.
26 - If you walked out of the door after getting the scroll you will be in the hallway with black domes on the wall.
27 - Click them until you find something hidden behind one of them.
28 - Pick up the item for later.
29 - Move forward until you find a room with a big tubful of brown liquid in the middle.
30 - Touch the side of the TV on the wall. It will move to reveal a key.
31 - Leave the room and go backward to change your view.
32 - Then head forward to the other side of the ship until you can’t move any further.
33 - Use the key on the locked panel to the left.
34 - Collect the diamond and move right into the room.
35 - Notice the test tube on the floor to the left.
36 - Look at the blue bars on the screen on the wall.
37 - Click the handles on the water pipes.
38 - Click the handle to the left to raise the blue meter.
39 - Click the first one 7 times, the second one 6 times and the third one 10 times.
40 - Head out of the room and move forward until you enter a room with water towers.
41 - Click on the control panel, if the bars are blue – you turned on the water. (Otherwise you have to go back and redo the water pipes)
42 - Insert the diamond into the slot that is shaped like the diamond.
43 - Move out into the hallway and forward once. Enter the room on the left and get the item floating in the newly formed orange liquid.
44 - Head out to the hallway, go backward once to change directions and head forward to the end and enter the room with the water pipes.
45 - Click the panel next to the door panel.
46 - Insert the glass block into the dark area in the path of the laser.
47 - Go out into the hallway and go back to change directions, move forward and then enter into the room on the right.
48 - Use the axe on the crate and get the rusty thing.
49 - Push the top right barrel to move it aside.
50 - Collect the torch. Head out into the hallway go back wards to change views and move forward once and then enter the room on the right.
51 - The cabinet has glass over the front and your axe won’t work.
52 - Use the torch on the glass and then grab the scroll.
53 - Look at the scroll to reveal a chemistry clue.
54 - This room has a chemistry set on the table to the right.
55 - You will need to go back to the room with the orange liquid.
56 - Fill the test tube with the orange liquid and then return to the chemistry set.
57 - Add the orange liquid to the beaker on the right.
58 - Then go to the room where you started and fill the test tube with blue liquid out of the object in the bottom right corner of the room.
59 - Head back to the chemistry set and add the blue liquid to the beaker of orange liquid.
60 - Stir the beaker with the rod you picked up earlier in the hallway.
61 - The beaker will turn purple - Go to the room with the barrel that is leaking green liquid.
62 - Fill the test tube with green liquid and return to the chemistry set.
63 - Add the green liquid to the bottle next to the beaker that has the purple liquid.
64 - Pick up the beaker with purple liquid and add it to the green liquid.
65 - The reaction creates a pink liquid and fills the glass on the left.
66 - Collect the pink liquid and then equip the rusty thing and place it inside of the pink liquid.
67 - The rust will dissolve and then you are left with a shiny thing!
68 - Go outside and go backwards to change views.
69 - Click forward until you reach the top of the map, the door leading to the center of the spacecraft.
70 - There is a panel on the wall outside the door.
71 - Place the shiny thing into the slot. It will unlock the door and then you can enter.
72 - Read the alien text… You’re finished… Good job!!

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