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Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green 1.1 Patch:

Patch File Size: 9 MB

Game Publisher: Groove Games

Operating System: WinXp/Win2k/Win9x

Date Posted: Nov/18/2005


Patch Release Information:

I. Fixes/Improvements

- Hit detection on bodyparts improved
- Shotgun at extremely close range improved
- Added "Host disconnected" message for clients when the host
unexpectedly disconnects
- Increased "Say" characters from 25 to 40
- "Say" messages stay on the screen longer
- Max 8 "Say" messages instead of 4 on screen at once
- Version # on main menu screen "v1.1"
- Increased max players in CTF to 14
- Increased max players in Invasion to 6
- Increased max time limits for all multiplayer game types to 2
- TDM and CTF Scores are now centered
- Added more CTF score options (3,4). Previously was only
- Mouse clicks no longer "go through" settings menus
- Map rotation order bug fixed
- Server list disappearing bug fixed
- More difference between medium and high detail settings.
Medium detail now has less quality but better performance.
- Ch08 (sniper level) script fix: Less chance Otis will get
- New Invasion map (INRiver)
- New CTF map (CTFRiver)
- New Deathmatch level (DMRiver)
- LOTD Editor included (Not officially supported)
- Custom maps will automatically download from host
- Dedicated server option (via command line)

II. Known Issues

- It is not possible to host a downloaded custom map that you
received by connecting to a match. To host a custom map you
need to obtain the .dz file and place it in the
"Land of the Dead/Levels" Directory.

- A v1.0 client will appear to freeze if they attempt to join a
v1.1 custom created map. The game is actually downloading the
map but there is no message indicating this is happening.

- If the "Quit" button when downloading a custom map
gets stuck, click it quickly multiple times.

- Clients trying to connect to a host that has a different verion
of a file with the same name will get a "Package Version Mismatch"
error. This will only happen if someone modifies game files but
doesnt save it as a unique name.

- Clients connecting to a server which has a rotation which
includes a different version of a file with the same name will
get a "Connection Failed. Trying to reconnect..." message. In
order to get in this match you must delete the file in the Land
of the Dead/Levels

- When more than two clients who are sharing the same IP (playing
behind a router) try to connect to a server, some clients will
drop upon map rotation due to a limit on concurrent connections.
To fix this, the host must open the LOTD.ini file located in the
and of the deadsystem folder and change the line
"maxconnperipperminute=" to equal a higher number like 30.

iii. instructions to run a server using console command

- how to run a server using console command

1) in windows, hit the 'start' button, and choose 'run' then
type in 'cmd' to open the command prompt.

2) in the command prompt box, use the change directory command
("cd") to go to the location the "system" directory where the
game was installed. the default is
"c:program filesgroove gamesand of the deadsystem"

3) in the command prompt box, type the following: "lotd " + + "?" + dedicatedserveroptions + "?" +
"listen -server"

for a standard server:
"lotd (mapname).dz?(serveroptions)?listen"

for a dedicated server:
"lotd (mapname).dz?(serveroptions)?listen -server"

here is an example:
gamepassword=helloworld?listen -server"

this will start a dedicated server in dmdowntown, with friendly
fire on, a timelimit of 30 minutes, a score limit of 100, the
server will be team deathmatch (isteam=true), the zombies are
on the highest difficulty, with 8 player slots and a password of


- the maximum supported players for ctf is 14, for dm and td is
8 and invasion is 6. these setting can be overridden but may
cause problems such as telefragging, slow framerate or lag.

- the map name used in the command line should be the
same as one of the maps in the map rotation list. this is where
the map rotation will start.

iv. server options

dedicated server options:

friendlyfire=[ture or false]
timelimit=[in minutes]
goalscore=[score limit]
isteam=[true or false. true for ctf, in, and tdm]
enemystrength=[0,1, or 2]
maxplayers=[max number of players]

normal server options:

character=[xdotzcharacters.jackslade or
head=[0,1, or 2]
body=[0,1, or 2]
xgamertag=[your name]
name=[same as xgamertag]
listen (note: mandatory. url has to end in this for

v. dedicated server notes

- all options are seperated by '?'

- " -server" is required at the end to run the game as a
dedicated server

how to use map rotation on a dedicated server:

- once you have created a server through the game menus, the
lotd.ini file will be modified with a list of the maps that
were selected. for example:


- the dedicated server will use this list for map rotation. you
can add any maps that you want to the list including custom maps.

vi. custom map making notes

- in order for the map name to show up in the "host multiplayer
game" list, the map name must start with the proper gametype

invasion uses"in", death match and team death match use "dm",
and ctf uses"ctf".

- map names must not contain any spaces

- map names must end with ".dz"

land of the dead: road to fiddler’s green(tm) v1.0
september 26, 2005

i. system requirements
ii. getting started
iii. controls
iv. directx
v. known issues
vi. troubleshooting
vii. technical support
viii. useful websites
ix. copyright information
x. tips and tricks

i. system requirements


-pentium iii/1 ghz cpu
-256 mb of ram
-2 gb hard disk space
-svga, high-color (16-bit)
-16-bit directx 9.0 compatible sound card
-64 mb directx 9.0 compatible video card (minimum nvidia
geforce or ati radeon class card)
-directx 9.0 or higher (included on cd)
-56 kbps modem or faster for internet play


-pentium iii/1.2 ghz cpu
-512 mb of ram
-2 gb hard disk space
-16-bit directx 9.0 compatible sound card
-128 mb directx 9.0 compatible video card with hardware
transform & lighting (radeon 9000 / geforce fx or higher)
-directx 9.0 or higher (included on cd)
-broadband connection for internet play

operating systems:

supported operating systems are windows 98/me/2000/xp.

ii. getting started

run "setup.exe" on cd 1 to install land of the dead: road to
fiddler’s green(tm). once installed, launch the game with the
"play land of the dead" shortcut on your desktop.

iii. controls

the default controls are listed below. these can be changed in
the options menu.

w - move forward
s - move backwards
a - strafe left
d - strafe right
shift - run (press and hold)
space - jump
ctrl - crouch (press and hold)
mouse - look

left mouse button - fire/primary melee attack
right mouse button - reload current weapon/sniper rifle
zoom/secondary melee attack
r - reload current weapon
1 - melee weapon
2 - .22 rifle
3 - revolver
4 - glock
5 - sniper rifle
6 - shotgun
7 - m-16
8 - molotov cocktail
9 - grenade
mouse wheel - switch to next/previous weapon

e - action key
tab - toggle on-screen objectives list
esc - pause/menu
f5 - quick save
f6 - quick load
f10 - increase gamma correction
f11 - increase brightness
f12 - increase contrast

iv. directx

the latest version of directx can be downloaded from:

cd 2 includes a compatible version of directx. to install this
version run the following application:

cd-drive name:directx9dxsetup.exe

ie) d:directx9dxsetup.exe

v. known issues

-there is only one auto save and one quick save slot shared
amongst all profiles. this means that if profile a has a
quick save and profile b is created, quick saving with profile b
will overwrite profile a's quick save.

-attempting to change video mode while running the game in
windowed mode will cause the game to revert to full screen mode.

-in-game difficulty level changes will only be applied once the
current level is successfully completed / a new level is loaded.

-installing land of the dead: road to fiddler’s green(tm) with
"no language" selected results in a critical uninstall error.
to uninstall the game manually, please follow these steps:

1. navigate to the following folder
c:program filesgroove games
2. right click the folder called land of the dead and select
3. navigate to the following folder:
c:documents and settingsall usersstart menuprograms
groove games
4. right click the folder called land of the dead and select

-using a geforce 6600 video card has been known under certain
system conditions to display a grid across the gui.

-rapid clicking of the right mouse button while using the sniper
rifle while in mp could result in the player becoming stuck in
zoom mode. reloading the sniper rifle will resolve this issue.

-if the host of a multiplayer match quits, clients will be
abruptly returned to the main menu.

-alt+tabbing out of land of the dead for periods of time of
more than fifteen minutes can result in virtual memory errors.

vi. troubleshooting

-ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements
listed at the start of the manual. installing land of the dead:
road to fiddler’s green(tm) on a computer that does not meet the
minimum system requirements can lead to unpredictable results.

-before installing the game, make sure all running programs,
especially anti-virus software, are closed. many installation
problems are avoided this way.

if you are still experiencing problems installing land of the
dead: road to fiddler’s green(tm), please follow these steps:

1. with cd 1 inserted, double click my computer.
2. right-click the cd rom drive and select explore.
3. go to the edit menu and select select all.
4. go to the edit menu once more and select copy.
5. find a place on your hard drive to copy these files. we
suggest just copying them to a folder on your desktop. to do
this, right click your desktop and select new, then folder.
open the new folder that appears, right-click inside the folder
and select paste.
6. the files will now copy from the cd 1 to your hard drive.
this will take a few minutes.
7. repeat steps 1 through 6 with cd 2, making sure that the
files are being copied to the same location as those from cd 1.
8. once the game has copied, double click setup.exe from where
you copied the files to install the game.

this process should take the cd-rom out of the installation
procedure, so that any problems with the disc itself are

-if you are running windows xp or windows 2000, you must install
land of the dead: road to fiddler’s green(tm) via a user account
with administrator or power user privileges. if you do not have
administrator or power user privileges, please contact your
system administrator for further details.

-if you are running a firewall or a router, you may experience
difficulties attempting to play land of the dead: road to
fiddler’s green(tm) on a lan or the internet. you must configure
your firewall/router to allow land of the dead: road to
fiddler’s green(tm) to access ports 7777 through 7781 and port
4343 for game sessions and ports 28902 through 28909 for the
master matchmaking server. ensure that tcp and udp are enabled
for all of these ports. if you do not know how to do this,
contact your system administrator or firewall/router vendor for
further information.

-if your machine is running windows xp with service pack 1 (sp1)
installed and internet connection firewall enabled, you may
experience difficulties attempting to play land of the dead:
road to fiddler’s green(tm) on a lan or the internet. to correct
this, you should either install service pack 2 (sp2) or disable
the internet connection firewall from your network settings.
follow these steps to disable the internet connection firewall:

1. click the start menu.
2. select settings, then network connections.
3. right click on your local area connection icon and select
4. click on the “advanced” tab.
5. make sure there is no checkmark in the box next to “protect
my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this
computer from the internet”.

-if you are running windows xp service pack 2 (sp2), you may
experience issues attempting to play land of the dead: road to
fiddler’s green(tm) over the internet due to the sp2 firewall.
to correct this, follow these steps:

1. launch land of the dead: road to fiddler’s green(tm).
2. from the main menu, click join multiplayer game.
3. when the server browser comes up, press alt and tab at the
same time. this will return you to your windows desktop.
4. a window entitled “windows security alert” should be present.
click unblock to allow land of the dead: road to fiddler’s
green(tm) to access internet game servers.
5. click land of the dead: road to fiddler’s green(tm) in the
windows taskbar. this will return you to the game.
6. quit land of the dead: road to fiddler’s green(tm) by
selecting exit game from the main menu.
7. re-launch land of the dead: road to fiddler’s green(tm) - you
should now be able to connect to internet games.

-some video cards, often included with laptops, have a rotation
feature that can cause the game to display sideways. going into
your display properties and disabling the rotation feature
should solve this issue. contact your video card manufacturer
for further support regarding the rotation feature.

-directx 9.0 is included on the land of the dead: road to
fiddler’s green(tm) cd 2, but you may also need to obtain the
latest directx 9.0 compliant drivers from your hardware
manufacturer’s website. many technical problems can be resolved
by simply updating your video and sound card drivers.

-depending on your system configuration, game play performance
may be altered by changing graphical options in the settings,
video settings menu. lowering the resolution and video mode will
allow the game to run faster, while increasing them may cause
the game to run slower but look better. if game play performance
is still poor, you can also turn down the detail level and
shadows on this screen. remember to click apply video changes
after making changes to these options. adjusting one (or all)
of these graphical options can dramatically increase game play

-for optimal game play performance we recommend closing all
other programs or applications before playing land of the dead:
road to fiddler’s green(tm).

vii. technical support

support can be found online by visiting:

or e-mail at:

viii. useful web sites
publisher’s homepage
developer’s homepage
nvidia video card manufacturer homepage
ati video card manufacturer homepage
intel video card manufacturer homepage
keep your windows installation up to date.

ix. copyrights and third party legal information

land of the dead: road to fiddler’s green(tm) ©2005 groove
media, inc. groove games(tm) and the groove logo are the
trademarks of groove media inc. all other trademarks are the
property of their respective owners. all rights reserved.

land of the dead © dead land, llc. licensed by universal
studios licensing lllp. all rights reserved. a note to
parents: land of the dead is rated r. consult for further information.

brainbox games and the brainbox logo are the trademarks of
1058822 ontario ltd. d.b.a. digital extremes.

epic(tm), epic games(tm) and unreal(tm) are registered
trademarks of epic games, inc. unreal engine ©1998 - 2002, epic
games, inc. powered by unreal engine is a trademark of epic
games, inc. all rights reserved.

uses bink video. ©1997 - 2005 by rad game tools, inc.

the ratings icon is a trademark of the entertainment software

all other trademarks are the property of their respective
owners. all rights reserved.

x. tips and tricks

-open cupboards, filing cabinets and desk drawers by pointing
at them and pressing the e key. ammunition and medipacks can
often be found hiding in these locations.

-lower your profile to the crouching position by pressing and
holding ctrl to maximize your aiming effectiveness.

-short bursts of fire are often more effective than longer
bursts. keep an eye on your targeting reticule for feedback on
your aiming effectiveness.

-aim for the head – it typically only takes one shot to the
head to kill the living dead, depending on the strength of your

-bring ‘em to their knees – shooting out their legs brings the
undead to their knees, making them much slower moving and easier
to target.

-smack ‘em down – if you ever find yourself unarmed and have to
resort to using your hands, use your secondary attack by
clicking the right mouse button. the resulting blow will knock
them off their feet, buying you precious seconds to make your

-shoot oil barrels and oxygen tanks to blow up those creatures
and save ammo.

-closing doors behind you makes it that much more difficult for
the ever hungry to sneak up on you.

-infectious flesh feasters emit a cloud of green. watch out for

-stay scared!

Download Patch:

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