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Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror 3.4.0 Patch:

Patch File Size: 97 MB

Game Publisher: Kamehan Studios

Operating System: WinXp/Win2k/Win9x

Date Posted: Oct/13/2004


Patch Release Information:

Changes For Version 3.4.0

- bullet impacts made more visible
- improved particles performance.
- knife damage type changed to 'stab'
- when you pull the pin on a nade and die, the nade explodes
- restored HandlePickupQuery mutator hook
- scoreboard layout
- flashbangs more effecitve
- upped max knife damage to 200
- marked teamsay as such
- admins can now communicate with / as dead players / when spectating
- first preround is twice as long as defined so people can reconnect decently at mapchange
- upped displayed messages from 4 to 6
- killmessages stay longer
- crappy numbers in gamebrowser
- disallowed some characters in playernames
- calling fire() to avoid norecoil cheat
- upped aimerror while swimming
- adjusted players default eyeheight
- extended the banlist to a maximum of 250 bans
- reduced M16 to 20 bullet magazine
- upped maxdisplayed messages from 4 to 6
- "Now viewing from" message removed when resetting players
- dropped the "-" on HUD neg moneychange - now has 5 digits
- single shot / triple shot now have an accuracy bonus
- made M4m204 a //regular// M4 w/ m203 nade launcher
- upped Saigaprice by
- changed assaultrifle damage so they can compete with SMGs at close range
- rebalanced weapons
- scoreboard rendered translucent
- voting players with ID > 256 now possible
- increased spas price by

Fixes For Version 3.4.0

- Cheats (buyzone, ammo, money, aunt anim hack, taunt while fireing, centerview, norecoil (alookup keybind))
- Game crashing sometimes at map change
- Webserver displayed in scoreboard as spectator
- When you are dead and call up a tab the name of the person you are tracking still lights up and is rendered right into the tab
- When you're under positive cash you can't buy or sell anything in the menu
- buyweapon bind alt ammo is set to 0 now
- when in buymenu and you press console key twice, the buymenu disappears
- when you press the BuyMenu Key again the first time it doesn't work... (to close it). You have to press ESC. then it works fine.
- could not toss weapon while walking
- fixed the

IRC bug
- enabled running the tacticalops.exe and directly get into a server handed over as commandline option WITHOUT the broken HUD and with the team-select window
- map fixes didn't seem to work online on servers
- stopped the continous nickchange script that some jokers have running
- made sure players didn't get an ID 0
- precaching removed when taking screenshots
- fixed knife ammo not being bought via keybind
- 3 rounds burst fire jam on M16
- when firing an automatic weapon and you duck you are still shown standing until you stop firing
- grenades: bar sometimes does not show up even though nade is being primed
- Raging Bull ejecting shells
- weapons offset calc -responsible for aim going wide when close to walls, OICW while being zoomed, etc.
- zoom replication when spectating
- roundnumber starting at 0 instead of 1
- TO_MessageMutator unregistering other Mutators while loading
- zoom not reverted when "gotostate('dying')"
- fixed accessed nones in the actorresetter caused by blockpath
- removed BuyKnives command
- WebAdmin ExplosionsFF checkbox not working
- IRC not connecting when using illegal chars
- animrate for walking
- crosshair being very slightly off
- accessed none in botcode
- Console Timer bug

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