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2011 Japan Tsunami Donation

2011 Japan Tsunami Donation

Donated $1,000! Thanks Guys!

Why I donated!

First and foremost, we hope and pray that the suffering in Japan ends and that we as humans come together and support and help the people of Japan!

As soon as the disaster happened, I needed to do something after imagining the horror if it were to happen to me, and my family. Could you imagine? The sad thing is, it's ACTUALLY happening to the people in Japan. I had to help and needed to do my part to bring awareness.

I had the idea to promise our visitors that I'd donate $1 per each "facebook like" Tsunami Fighter game got, a game dedicated to the disaster... within the first 6 hours, our users were able to generate $500! And then when the 24 hours was up, it reached almost a $1000, and I gladly donated the promised amount!

We shoud all do our part to help Japan, especially the gamers as that's where the legendary Nintendo, Mario, and etc... have all come from! I'm not much of a writer, but I hope this encouraged you to donate, too!


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